Saturday, August 1, 2015

Last few

Have to put these stories on here. 

First of all when poor Lindsey came, Luke's room stunk so so bad. At first we thought it was his socks?? Or wet clothes he had slept in??? I have a pretty good sniffer and i couldn't get it out. Cleaned up but Darby finally figured it out. Luke had a clam in his from our last beach trip that I didn't know he had!!!! Finally oh many I was hurry hurry she is coming let's fix the smell. Nothing worked. Lindsey could barely sleep in there it smelled so bad. But then she put her sniffer to use and found another very small one on a shelf!!!!! What he had two clams in his room?!!! Oh man what a stinker. Finally the room smell was gone after Lindsey scrubbed it all out (my house keeping is sub par :( . Anything that will not be forgotten soon!! 

Other one was when we went to Disneyland with them Jason took five girls on tower of terror as the last ride of the nite. But there were no fast passes so they were gonna have to wait an hour! And it wasn't the biggest kids cause my two oldest are chicken for that ride . Dallas tried so hard to talk them into it but they wouldn't budge. (Probably cause their pusher mother already scarred them ha!!) . So Jason had paisley, Sadie, baylie , brenna and Dallas and only my kids had been before in this super long wait. Well there reactions were like the funniest things ever!!! Sadie was like I am never doing that again! And brenna and Dallas were just freaked out but had fun. 

Anyway Jason had a picture but now it's lost but these are the goldens he had. I swear the picture is half the fun. 

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Lindsey said...

haha so funnY! That was so nice of him to take them on that LONG line. Luke is the bomb for letting me sleep in his room!