Friday, July 3, 2015

Biased Momma

Are these the cutest pictures ever? Also the back of my legs are on fire now I never learn. Something about if you can't lose it, tan it... Or in this case burn it! Ouch! 

Probably won't be trying the beach on a holiday unless we have no place to be at nite cause traffic was crazy. And broke my new rule about going early so it was mostly overcast and chilly until 2 pm (new rule ...just show up at 2) 

But back to the cutest pictures ever . Had a fun round of catch with Luke and the girls that lasted a while and Luke asked me to go in the freezing water with him so I did cause it's starting to be more signficant when he wants to hang out with old mom :) I'll even forgive him for teasing me for always dropping the ball I swear he has glue on his hands. 

Watching the kids play so well together and boogie boarding just makes sense that they would have wanted to go on life's journey together!  Especially the girls 

Note to self - buy more boogie boards!! 

This was a rare thing Luke being the one getting buried. I swear he came back from scout camp a changed boy. 

Darby loves her hot Cheetos!! 


Alvhild Evans said...

Cute pictures!!

Nancy Jo said...

Love all the pictures! Happy 4th! Love your family!!

Lindsey said...

So cute!!! Fun beach day! Love the girls have each other and Luke looks old!!