Monday, June 29, 2015


Ok so while Jason and Luke were gone (always a learning experience) I bribed the girls with jewelry if they would help me organize it. Well that was a hit.

And spurred Darby to want to get her ears pierced and use her birthday money. 
So today we did! So much easier the second kid I think I was just as nervous when Baylie did . 


Baylie with her new necklace and finally wearing dangling earrings. Oh man if I could count how many times she has cried over these dang pierced ears . Can't put them in or thinking they are closed. A lot of drama! I'm like girl I have had mine for 28 years chill out! 

Saturday was the primary temple trip and it was girls only for us! 

The weather was amazing. Paisley was a big grump for who knows why oh wait maybe cause she went to bed past 10 every day nite while her dad was gone (I do it to myself people! Being too soft bites me in the tail!) 

Oh yes and we did some shopping while the boys were gone. And I tried to convince them that snow cones were a good dinner which they agreed to but then were hungry at like 8 pm... Sheesh! Ya lightweights!! What do you want like real food?! So demanding! 

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