Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday favorites

I'm a freaking genius. 

Cause I got Luke out of school today (there was some debate on if he should go today due to a cold but he needed to be there to help at the assemblies... Which was a good choice because he got to announce the names in the microphone since the assistant principal wasn't there... Which is very difficult at our school with so many nationalities!) and then he was so happy about it he did all these chores for me and then watched a movie with ivy and paisley girl while I went to target.

Wow that was awesome. I sure like doing stuff that makes me happy. And other people happy too. Win win 

So here are some other favorites for ya this Friday. 

These shorts. That I just bought myself at target in the men's section of target. Pockets. Stretchy waist. Extra roomy crotch area heheh.... Sold!! 

Coke slurpees at SAMs. Sure to cure any day. True story. 

Luke, my most favorite son, making my wildest dreams come true by getting valiant Viking two weeks before he graduates! We both thought this ship had sailed . 

Little girls playing games together. And a floor that is clean (which sometimes I have to just do myself like this week) 

Oranges as teeth. This never gets old. Also I could look at those pretty eyes all day. 

Kid selfies. 

Folic acid and a new doctor I love. And I love kaiser. Wow how do I love them. And changing up my meds means this little vitamin is my new BFF so my hair doesn't fall out (way to motivate me not to forget doc!)


Beth said...

Dude this Sumner you're gonna b able to go to the store by yourself or even sneak out for a bit if u need a breather and Luke will watch the kids!!!!!! So jealous!

Way to go Valiant Viking!

Sara Jane said...

I LOVE those shorts! Is the men's department??? Ha! Ha! Does Folic acid really help with hair loss? I have been losing hair like crazy this year. I am going to try it!