Monday, February 9, 2015

Sisters day

I got a call from my brother in law Carl who said he wanted to surprise Courtney with a trip to California for her 30th birthday. Oh yes and he said it was just going to be half a surprise and that he would tell her once he got the tickets since she hates surprises?!!!

But it was going to be in a few weeks and would just be for one night. Her birthday is not til March, but our sister Lindsey is moving this week to Alabama so trying to make it work when both of us are here. 

So after some schedule shifting (thank yooooou Jason !!) we did it! 

And it was so much fun. It was sweet and bittersweet. One cause why do I live so far from my awesome sisters and family and spending some time together finally without children however brief reminds me how much I don't know of their lives and how amazing they are. Plus since it is Lindsey's last week (a fact I'm pretending is not happening) it seemed even better timed. especially since we have never done something like this before. The only thing that would have made it better is if our mom and Alvhild was with us. 

Well we crammed a lot in. First we went to the family history center quick as Lindsey has been trying to educate us and get us involved in putting together our family tree. Then we went to the Los Angeles temple together which I really needed. 

Then we ate at the temple cafeteria :) then we changed into casual clothes and got stuck in 2 hours of Friday traffic driving to our hotel at the beach. 
Then we checked in and popped open the bubbly ;) martinelis of course! 
Then we went to Dtown and partied it up riding Indiana Jones. 
In the morning we ate and went jacuzzing. Us Evans love to jacuzzi . Regardless of time or weather. 
Then those sisters of mine got me out of my comfort zone and rode bikes along the beach. It was so fun especially with them. Then we said bye to Lindsey who had a special afternoon planned with the Pfisters and Courtney and I shuffled around Huntington Beach a bit eating everything and getting our toes done did ;) 

I drove her back to LAX and then back home to find the house had been crazy for Jason with a dog with the runs and girls with fevers. 

No you all didn't need an itinery but I did. I want to remember this day exactly and time will make me forget. 

But what a perfect 30 hours . And how I love my sisters. I have to consciously not be envious of them because they are so beautiful and amazing but really I'm just lucky we are related and they put up with all my resistance to change and attitude. 

And as of one week all of my immediate family will be located in the south (ok so Texas is not really the south but close enough at least within sort of driving distance). Alabama may not know it but will be getting that much cooler with my cute nieces there and such a neat family. There are not many more unselfish and service-minded people than Lindsey and Courtney and their mothering is superb. Let's just say good thing California has mighty fine weather and our fate has been decided for a while. And they better post tons of pictures and not hold out on me because they think I will be sad to miss out . I got over being far away long ago ...although right now I think I need to go eat some chocolate. 

I did tell them all I wanted was one flattering picture of me cause they always look good and mine our harder to come by. So thank you sisters for appeasing me in at least one picture. It's all a facade after all. 


Alvhild Evans said...

Love the pictures!! Looks like yall had a great time!!

Melody Stephens said...

We are super excited to have Lindsey moving here!! Seems like you're gonna need to take lots of trips to Alabama!! We'd love to have you guys here too!

Lindsey said...

That made me cry!!! Love you and going to miss you and the Mccoy clan!!!!!!! That was the best time every with you! Love you forever!!

Nancy Jo said...

Looks like so much fun! I don't know how it happened but I have beautiful daughters!! Next time for sure - Alvhild & I will be there! Loved the post and all the pics.

Courtney said...

Boo hoo. I miss you guys. I think we started a new tradition with this girls trip. It needs to happen every year. You're awesome Brooke!