Sunday, February 15, 2015

Family ties

Thursday we met some cute Tanners and my lovely aunt Pam at Dtown while the big kids were at school. I have never done that before and it was near perfect!  It was a gorgeous day and super fun. I could do without the traffic though but we take the bad with the good. And paisley and ivy were champs. Although when we got home it was afterschool and I put the the tv and crashed on the couch cause I was beat while Star Wars clone wars played in the background. 

Then Friday we had a double whammy. One we got to see the pfisters for the last time for a while and two, Lindsey and I were able to meet up with my dad's cousins on the Evans side. 

Sandy and her husband traveled from San Diego and June and her husband traveled from San Luis Obispo for us to meet at chilies in Upland. And then I drove from Santa Clarita and by luck we had no school either. 

You guys my grandpa died when I was in sixth or seventh grade and had very little contact with any of his family since then. 

My sister Lindsey sure is onto something with this family history. Felt like our ancestors are urging us forward and the book that Sandy gave Lindsey of more records was priceless. Has records from the 1500s. And they said I definitely look like an Evans! 

Was I sure delighted that we were related to these people. Super fun and found common ground.  I hope I'm a little bit like both of them.  And Lindsey and I were commenting that as sisters we were kind of similar with one being more outgoing.  Interested that one has RA like I do maybe there is something to that. 

They still have to meet our kids which will be another event in itself but riveting to hear stories about our great grandmother and great aunts and uncles. Family history while not always flattering is interesting!!! And (I need to think of another word besides neat but oh well) how neat to hear about stories about our grandpa. 

And bless Paula for watching all 9 children so we could do that!

Then we got back to Lindsey's whose house was already empty, but fortunately their are no good byes when families are forever! And last minute we decided to adopt their bunnies which consoled the kids a lot! 

When I was driving back though on the freeway and traffic was slow again I was able to peace together one of the puzzle pieces in our (ok, Lindsey's ;) family history search and was so comforting it just made me feel lucky to experience that neat day even with it's tinge of sadness. 

Wow look how similar baylie and ivy look like in these two picfures!! 

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Lindsey said...

Those are really cute pictures! You documented out day perfectly!! Love you!! So glad families are forever and thanks for being my cheerleader- positive thinker!!