Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The life and times of the craZay Mccoys

This is the last moments of family home evening (ours is usually on Tuesday now) Simon says and it was Simon says tickle ivy. 

What to do with the old doors that were replaced? This looks like a fun alternative. 

Arm wrestling our 68 year old grandpa McCoy. Luke got whooped not even a match. Baylie obviously want to go in for the kill. (Grandma and grandpa Mccoy came to visit for a few days it was great! First time in 3 years since they went on their mission) 

Loved hearing grandma play the piano. 

And reading books...she has now been introduced to Pinkalicious. 

Blurry but grandpa carrying Darby! 

Luke was with them earlier but all girls in Ivys bed watching a movie on the iPad. Aka reasons why I'm glad we only have one iPad. And there is no such thing as only one iPad ;) First world problems

Darby made apps for my empty case! She loves this and even a different screen 
Luke and paisley are buds. And 11 year olds in baby swings needs to be documented 

Darby at the end of activity days. This kinda describes what all those girls are like there. Thank you my friends who do activity days at church for the girls 8-11... Baylie will be there soon enough . This night they were making backdrops for Christmas nativity 

Just liked these other picture and need to get more of Baylie!!! That girl has two teeth that need to be pulled so bad and she won't. We keep saying don't you want to say all you want for Christmas isu two front teeth? And she says but that's not all I want for Christmas. Ha! 


Nancy Jo said...

thanks for all the pics! Love your family!

Lindsey said...

Love the picts. Looks like fun with Jason's parents! Too funny about arm wrestling. Can't wait to see Baylie with 2 front teeth missing. That is the most cute ever!