Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas is coming too fast

I love this season and don't want it to end yet! Slow down! Not sure at all what we will do over the 3 week break besides stay home so if ya think of anything call me!

Have been having the kids walk home a couple days a week and always tell them to make sure they stay together. Luke used this literally. 

Darby's first concert was darling . So proud of her! Taking piano really helped and we was able to participate and lots of songs since they let you go at your own pace sorta.

Darby and her trumpet

My friend Emily g is an amazing cook. Actually I have quite a few friends that cook amazing. In fact they all specialize and can make great food that I steal recipes from. But back to point she let me eat some of her borscht for lunch yesterday. So had a lesson in Russian food and lunch. It was sooo good.

This totally happened spontaneously at dinner. And the siblings were all shouting go go go go in the background . Classy for an early age over here. 

I just loved baylie in the background here .

And taaadaaaaaaaaa!!!! Both in one day. After much begging and coercion and the first one getting knocked outside. She can finally sing the song!!!!!! 


Lindsey said...

Yay!!! Great pictures! Everyone seems sooo happy! Wish I could have seen Darby's trumpet performance. That's great! xoxo

Nancy Jo said...

Love all the pictures! I want to hear Darby play her horn. Baylie looks so cute without her teeth. Everyone is looking old!

Anonymous said...

farty time!!!!!