Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sometimes I think my blog is a person

Dude it's been 14 days since I've had no sugar and no caffeine. That's a first of my whole life since at least since I was 15. Halfway there. I am equal parts dreaming of smooshing my face in the chocolatiest chocolate-land and drinking a ice cold coke and equal parts wanting to stay on it forever. I have definitely drunken the whole30 kookaid because I just feel so much better. Wow. 

But have had to stick to early bedtimes since I've been getting up earlier too. But enough about that bla bla bla I'm turning into an old lady talking about sleep patterns and energy levels ;) 

This was Friday nite and the funniest picture of us ever. And that's my pet spider Lester that I stuck on my shoulder last minute. 

Luke and his friend Julian who also plays football but not on the same team. He was the Viking when Luke was doing his presidential award duties. Cute having him pass something to Baylie. He got his award in Math...who knew? 

Baylie loves this dress that her and paisley fight over that our neighbor mahina gave them. 

Ivy sneaking in Luke's bed and refusing to go to sleep. Good thing she is cute. 
Love what buds my kids are... Ya know when they aren't crying and fighting. Him and the other three each have their own little relationship too. 

Baylie popped the lens out and wore these to school the little hipster . She beats to her own drum. 

Love this quote! 

Darby with her good friend Jayme. 
Ok so I made Darby's dress and baylies dress. But I made Darby's first and made up a pattern and baylie is followed one... So... Darby is was super embarrassed when one of the moms told her dress was sexy... Oops... That would would be the seamstresses fault . It's too late to make another one but there is definitely a learning curve and I was a bit rusty. Next time!! I figure I gotta get this down for all the prom dresses in our future! 


Nancy Jo said...

I am impressed you are still on your diet - wahoo! Also impressed that you sewed their dresses!! Love all the pictures of your cute family!! Especially love Baylie with glasses & then Luke & Ivy together. Darling!

Courtney said...

Way to go doing Whole30! That's hard! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU MADE THEIR DRESSES!!! THAT IS SO AWESOME! You are the bomb!!! Way to go!

Lindsey said...

Way to go on the whole 30!! I need to do that! You rock! Love all the cute picts of the kids!! I love Darby's dress. You guys look great for Halloween!!