Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Penguins and the beach

Oh my goodness my kids love this Petey the penguin. And it was pretty much preschool gold that we got both petey at one day. This is what little people joy looks like :) 

Oh my goodness ivy is like a mini tornado. Determined to destroy paisleys new makeup from her birthday resulting in sad princess. 

Sooo Luke had a sick day Tuesday due to a minor cold. He was so grateful to be missing school he said hey mom since you let me stay home I will make fried eggs for dinner to which I said yahoo thank you I would love it! 

Luke makes gooooood friend eggs. With garlic salt and lime. 

Paisleys new outfit from her birthday. So cute! 

The two most destructive little girls who love to mess and create chaos in the room...

Just cause I want this picture on my blog forever and ever cause there are awesome McCoy sisters in the world. Watch out folks. 

Ahhh Amberli and Darek and their cute kids came to visit. And oh they are darling. Ivy and Kennedy were buds. 

Oh wait here is another one from preschool. Ivys first fieldtrip to McDonald's. 

Ok back to the beach. First thing they do when we go to zuma on Saturday was bury Kennedy. Like ivy did and she let her. In her pajamas. 

And then Darby buried beck

Oh ya and then the kids jumped the waves. And Luke boogie boarded with his dad and uncle. 

Do we rock the hand me down swimsuit or what?!!! Holla! And she is proud to be turning five!

All this people in this picture are my kids or my kin. 

Buried beck :) sure had fun with those fools I love them much. Watched inception late one nite and binged on sweets!!! Good times!! 

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Beth said...

there are two peteys!!?? i had no idea :)