Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Paisley day!!!!!!

We now have a very cute five year old at our house!!! She has been waiting and waiting and waiting for her birthday and loved it. Extra bonus that her dad got to be home that is a perk of a holiday birthday!

Paisleys birthday requests: 
Crepes for breakfast 
Spaghetti with butter and salt for dinner 
Ice cream for dessert
Watch mermaidia (a Barbie movie that should be used as a military tortue weapon) 
Donut holes to bring to school 
And she did not want to go to the beach at all... Which is our normal Labor Day thing ... But wanted to swim in a pool. 

For presents she just asked for makeup and gum... Bubble tape specifically. Oh yes and press on nails (thanks Nana)

We did it all! Special thanks for the lauricellas for letting us invite ourselves over the day of and double fun having our McCoy cousins there to celebrate in the morning. 

Was even better that she scored petey from preschool for the weekend too 

This is me and paisley showing our makeup that she did.  Wowser!  

We are so glad Paisley is in our family she is a joy!  She has a awesome voice and has the most beautiful big green eyes! I'm so glad I get one more year with her before she starts kindergarten...it was a good choice.  How did we get such a great daughter like Paisley?  Paisley loves her family and loves church and school.  


Nancy Jo said...

Love all the pictures! The wig - the best! So glad she had a great birthday!!

Lindsey said...

So cute! I am dying with the wig!! That is awesome! And her blue eyeshadow. You are a super mom for letting her do yours!!

Courtney said...

This pictures are so, so, so awesome! Like so awesome! They made my day.