Sunday, September 7, 2014

Oh to be a kid again!

We got a visit by Lindsey and her two littles Friday afternoon. 

They went to Luke's football practice too and his teammate says , why are there so many of them? Are they alllll your little sisters? Haha 

Baylies new obsession is hand stands.

And she is still not happy that she isn't playing soccer.  One day baylie one day and you will be awesome when you do. 

Darby had a great start. She started out not knowing what to do but then her genes kicked in and she was aggressive. Had a big collision with a girl and then almost ran into the other goalie another. Nana and grandpa would be proud :) 
And Linds gave her sage advice : you should be nice in real life but you don't have to be nice in soccer. 

Darby said the other girls were really pushing and so she was like oh ok this is what she meant! Boy it was hot though. Soo so hot need to buy an easy up or soemthing . Why did I bother to put makeup on it all melted off at 9 am? 

Part way Jason had to take Luke to his game and ivy was not happy to be left with mean mom (dad's are always the favorite it's a bum wrap I say) and so I let her paint her toes... And my toes. 

Darby's team is hearts of ice. Beat that team name ;) 

Oh yes and Lindsey taught me cool hair dos. 

Baylie is so athletic she started a trend climbing on the walls! 

Three climbing behinds!! 

Darby is just as strong! 

Didn't get a picture of Luke's game but he was quarterback most of it and there were ups and downs (he got sacked once).  But he caught an interception and got a pick 6... Did I say that right? He also got a penalty for excessive celebration for spiking the ball which should not surprise you at all but he said he wouldn't have done it if he knew it was a rule. Nice group of boys he is with this year. 

Primary program practice went so well and I'm so excited for it. Paisley memorized her part which is: I can choose to eat vegetables or eat cookies. :) 


Amber said...

Paisley's part is the funniest thing I've ever seen.

Beth said...

Love the team name, and love Lindsey's advice. I should tell that to Audrey. Although Audrey told me she was saying "boo" to the other team while they were playing, so I also need to teach her about good sportsmanship ;).

Paisley's part is so classic! Most original line ever.

Nancy Jo said...

Proud of Darby. Linds advice made me laugh. Your kids are all great climbers! Luke did great! Paisley's part is perfect : )