Friday, September 12, 2014

Mother negotiations: a very amusing legacy

About two weeks ago I found out about Luke's class was electing a class president. Well in pure Luke fashion he didn't want to touch that idea with a ten foot pole no way Jose! 

But getting of our comfort zones is so so good for us and I just knew he should do this. So negotiations began. No luck.

So I left it alone for a bit until I just was like one day ... what would Nancy do? Well Nancy would get it done that's what she would do. any way she could. Cause there is no determination like that of Nancy freaking Evans when she puts her mind to something. And inspiration hit. 

And so I printed all this papers on the computer that said vote for Luke, Luke for pres, be brave and bold!, Luke has our vote for 6th grade!... And put them in his room, on the door, around the house.
And then got ready for negotiations cause I knew running for 6th grade present would be great for him. 

So he came home, saw the posters with a big smile on his face. Then I said if he run, did very well on his speech, never told anyone he didn't want to and tried to win then I would get him a new video game (which he ended getting a used one). Then if he won he would get a bonus prize to be determined.  

Then I had to help with the speech. Asked my family and then called my friend Jackie cause her daughter had just ran and won. She gave me the best idea that I knew Luke could adapt himself. 

At pretty much every point I had to stay on top of like even making sure he really turned in the paper to his teacher that he would run. 

Fast forward to a few days before. He knew the speech well. He was confident about it and even (gasp!!!) now thought it was no big deal. He never would put a poster up but didn't fight with him about that. 

And practiced about four times in front of the whole family and then a few times for me and gave him a few pointers (mom !!!stop!!!! Just stop!!!!... He loves when I give pointers) 

And then that dang boy won! He had the biggest smile on his face. And now let's hope he is one step closer to believing me when he should do something. truthfully if he would have lost it would have been just as good for him but maybe not as inclined to do it again. 

By the way, everyone who wins elections always losing them. And while my family are not dance experts or pageant experts we are dang school election experts and have learned a few things going to many schools growing up and having to make new friends a lot.  And while it is funny, my siblings and my parents all did school dang elections ... So here would be my tips.

1. A good speech will always win. With good delivery and enthusiasm. 
2. You can reuse a good speech as long and the audience hasn't heard it. Seriously moms let's just pass our good ideas around! My sister and I both lost using the same speech too... It went over their heads even though I still think it was funny. 
3. Nothing like winning and nothing like losing and both good to know.  
4. Oh yes... Something I forgot. Unless you have an actual talent (which none of my family really did apart from court who could sing...for example Delanie played the guitar during her speech).. A good speech is going to require some embarrassment or possibly looking like a fool. If practiced enough it becomes less embarrassing. Luke's speech required bad grammar and my favorite part he thought up was talking in a broths accent at the end. So thankful he let me video tape it :) 

And lastly the day after Luke won he had a real crappy day. He doesn't have many friends in the class and doesn't like how the majority of the boys act or talk like . 6th grade can be mean.  But there are always highs and lows in life and it never stays good or bad for very long. Thankfully nothing byu football couldn't cure, especially when they win. 

The girls have already be warned that this is something all the kids and our family must try. They don't have to win but the their mother will bribe them too :) 

Now check out the cutest 6th grade president ever. 

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Beth said...

LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo! I knew he could do it. He has class president written all over him, even if he wasn't sure. Very likable kid :)