Friday, September 12, 2014

By Friday I'm always tired!

The good thing about having a husband who teaches seminary early morning is that no matter how tired I am I think wow he must be more tired ! And so I am a little nicer :)

Also spent most of my free time this working on PTA stuff since I still apart of the struggling PTA and am in charge of membership (which I actually don't care two hoots about because the money gets sent on to the state and we get like 60 cents of it ) buuuuut... It still has to be done or we lose our local status! 

I've sort of given up on volunteering in the classrooms this year so at least I feel I'm helping out. And because our PTA provides the entire salary of the music/dance/art program. Okay these are things only middle age parents care about :)  bla bla bla. 

The point is this freaking billboard took me so much time much more than it looks. :) I think it's sorta of hilarious how hard bulletin boards are for me... There must be some trick to it I'm missing. 

Viking done by my famous friend Paul... Which the printer sorta botched but still works great. 

Ok now to more fun pictures of the week! Pass along your busy dinner tips to me we can't eat at Arby's everyday ;) 

Nothing like a home cooked meal for the awesome missionaries!!! Poor bike elders in these hills and heat !

two things i love seeing at my house.  reading and playing the piano...and good eating :)

food as art by Paisley and Baylie

What happened when I took girls to an assembly! 


Beth said...

Don't forget you can use me if you ever wanna volunteer in the classroom!!!! :)

Mommy said...

Oh my goodness, wait, WHAT? The State of CA has it's grubby hands on your PTA membership dues???? That is atrocious!! We keep 100% of our dues to pay for events throughout the year! That is it!

Yay for you to keep on keepin' on. The PTA is lucky to have you.

Brooke McCoy said...

The state PTA and the regional PTA both take some so we only get 60 cents…so not the state of california for the state run PTA of california…does that make cents? but yes our actually school gets so little…its lame :( and we are a title 1 school!