Saturday, September 13, 2014

Holy hotness

Luke had an 8 am game that we had to be at 7:39 am and it was so wonderful that it was so cool. And he threw a touchdown!

My dad finally turned 60!!! 

He ended up being in Utah and lucky him got to wear such a good looking shirt on his special day. He sure is a good sport and oh man that was funny. I haven't decided if that was the best idea or the most obnoxious one ;) 

Darby girl is a trooper. Her game was at 2 and then got delayed and it was so so hot. How do you play soccer when it's over 100 degrees?  She has the cutest girls and those girls tried their best and I think we lost track when they were losing 8 to zero.  They have yet to score a goal these last two games. Hey, good learning and Luke had a team like that last year too. But they sure tried hard and Darby did awesome! 

This was just a random unplanned picture and I was like holy crap ivy is my twin!!! Good thing she is already proficient in lipstick application. 

This is my 7 year old in the stroller!! 

And paisley with two hats on! 

In this heat we watched two movies today!  Freaky Friday and pirates of the Carribean 2 (which was probably too scary since Darby can't sleep)

We had one goal today and it was not arguing and ruining the day! Wasn't perfect but better than last weekend! Wahoo! 

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Nancy Jo said...

That is a great pic of you and Ivy! Who knew you would look so much alike.. Lucky girl!