Sunday, August 3, 2014

We are the most reverent family in the world.

Seriously we were a shining example to everyone at the primary temple visit of how to be quiet and listen. A think words like beacon and light to the world were being thrown out. I mean what else do you say when ivy is climbing under the seats and paisley bites Luke's shoulder? 

But got some great pictures. And went to classic temple ice cream afterwards.

Sister missionaries are always so cute. 

And Darby won't ever let me do her hair. 

I was a bit disgusted at myself that I thought it was a sugar overload . Prices now at $1.75 for this beauty. 


Beth said...

Oh yum Diddy Riese!

Nancy Jo said...

Love all the pictures of your family! I remember Diddy Riese! Love that place! That is so neat that you take your family to the temple!

Mindy said...

You guys are so fun!