Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Things that make me happy

Apparently the kids are getting worn out here Paisley crashed on the floor.

Jason and I had a good laugh about these last nite. An evil laugh. Cause we started out good but have been hitting our snooze button in the morning lately.  

Seeing my kids read in a hammock. Even though she tells me she hates books and doesn't want to go to college .

This is her dad's face. But oh how his picture makes me laugh.

Ivy fell asleep on my lap.. So it was 5 pm but oh well. 

Waiting to FaceTime Christie at byu... 

Oh this 'crab' salad. This makes me happy. Laurie and I discovered we had the same fascination with the one served at the temple with a half an avocado and both tried to recreate it at home. Both failed and both asked them for the recipe but she actually got it and made it and brought me some... Most delicious surprise and I savored it. Can't to wait to make it too .  

Ok how do I have so many pictures of myself but I just loved these too. Baylie made them on Nanas iPad and I laughed good. 

Our tans... Ok they are not good for us but show how much fun we have had together despite someone's (cough Luke) very strong aversion to sunblock.

And I love this orange rash guard cause I can spot him in the ocean really well. 

We have loved watching the World Cup. Will be sad when it's over. Guess we better root for Germany cause they are whooping it up. 

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Nancy Jo said...

Love the sayings, pictures of kids, princess pictures - made me laugh!