Monday, July 14, 2014

Minecraft Much?

Conversation of Baylie to Darby about mine craft that I thought was slightly alarming…coming from my sweet 7 year old girl.

"Ya I killed all my villagers too.  They were eating my wolves.  Well, I had pet wolves and then there bad wolves were eating my wolves and then they all ate my CAKE!"


then later " I think I'm gonna spawn a skeleton today"

All the kids love mine craft.  And I thought I loved it because its not violent, creative (they build things and make things and use their imagination) and they like to show each other and talk to each other about their worlds…  but oh my goodness, hopefully those villagers were super bad or sometime or I need to start paying more attention.

A bunch of thoughts have been in my head, and I have missed putting them on my blog because just haven't been by my  computer much.  But here goes the last little bits.

1.  Right now, in my six disk CD player in my car, are five John Bytheway Cds and one Enya (which I have found I listened to way to much in my twenties (Jason!!!) and no longer care for but the kids newsly discovered and love).  We did have a Mama Mia Cd but i could only listen to that twice before it got booted for another John Bytheway talk.  Love them.  Some are better than others, but kids think they are super funny (me too) and have such great messages.  Great for all the time in the car

2.  We are sort of audio book snobs.  At least the children's variety.  Shoot half from the library don't work and nothing worse than a lame reader.  But we love the Maynard Moose one…wait I would say I'm amused by and kids love them…we have listened to two and there are thoroughly ridiculous in a wonderful way.

3.  Hammocks.  We now have two up and I love it.  I would put six up if I could figure out where…double decker even.  Was eyeing one on my beloved Amazon for $130 but than found a great one you just string up for $20..and I learned very quickly five kids cannot share 1 hammock peacefully, but two is working better.

4.  We hit the mid way mark in summer and mama-beast came out…fittingly the subject of Sunday's church speaker was on kindness…huh, just for me I'm sure cause I need some more kindness.  And my potty mouth needs to be tied up but dang sometimes everyone at home gets me very exasperated!  Hopefully my kids will forgive mama's flaws look at my other parts instead.  Love them to pieces.  Thankfully I have found most trouble comes when we are trying to hurry out the door for something.  Also grateful every day is a chance for a new start.

5.  Was sitting next to two ladies while the girls were at irish dance and one says, hey I just moved here and have been looking for churches, which ones do you go to…oh yes, and I'm not into rock bands and stuff like that at church…Well lady have I got a church for you! is what I thought, but the other lady sitting next to me jumped in and went on and on and on about her church so that when i could get in a word the same lady immediately jumped on me about polygamy which I said was discontinued over 150 years ago (I have think thats about right, someone correct me) but she would not let up and said we must be secretly doing it and I was like well actually there are 15,000,000 members who don't and the very small sects who do get kicked out and not affiliated and didn't get a word in after that… #missionaryfail…didn't have a chance to say anything but I love my church, but what I would have said was that Christ's church was restored on the earth today just how it was in ancient times after years of apostasy and through a humble boy wondering the exact question of which church to join and reading in James 1:5 that he could ask God and that it will change your life once you learn what fullness of the gospel brings and that you should come try it and don't listen to what other people have told you but The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints is freaking awesome.  Maybe there will be another time I hope.

6.  Okay, the day is done.  Going to bed.   Maybe I can sneak a few minutes in that hammock when the kids aren't looking.


Jenn said...

Did you know you can breed the animals on minecraft? I learned this from my then five year old. Double click on one animal-- double click on another and hearts appear over their heads and then POOF a baby!! ????

brandon said...

Yeah you can burn and hit/kill villagers on there I saw it played while babysitting and can be not nice. I can give you not good missionary story in person. Nothing good in life comes easy.

Amber said...

I think survival craft is less violent

Beth said...

lol Jenn!!!

I need my hammock!

Lindsey said...

The hammocks sound fun! Awkward missionary moment!! love you!