Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My life

Seems like I'm nothing but tired lately. 

So many little people need me. Wish I could bottle all the energy they have. Have great intentions of getting caught up at night but then sitting reading or a bath or netflix calls to me instead. Especially since our house is dark at quiet by 9 pm  ...very wierd. Actually Luke is up reading in his room later than that. 

Kids are funny and quirky. Like Luke wearing a mustache he made himself for hours after school or those paper guns. Ivy and paisley love to swing and Darby is addicted to making videos of herself. Baylie is into reading and nothing cuter than when she reads her scriptures to get ready for her baptism next year. 

I'm lucky to have my head above water and a smile mostly on my face and food for dinner. It's quite the art to realize how much you can do and accept that the rest must be let go. 

Mother's Day was wonderful despite a deep cloud over me the day before from too much introspection on my mothering.  

But I definitely think my competitive nature must have called dibs on the smartest, funniest and cutest kids in heaven even if I had to trip a few people to get to them first. Mother's Day is always full of emotions so grateful for the wonderful mother I had and tall soapbox full of opinions that I will keep to myself. 

Loved showing my girls all the fun dresses from Mormon prom that you don't have to dress like a hoochie to look beautiful. I hope they understand I would rather than rock a modest potato sack dress than  look like all the other teenagers and it's okay to be different than everyone else. It's even pretty awesome. 

These picture are mostly for my mother and mother in law who I wish was here with us. Although they might be horrified of all that I've let go around my house... Note to self: get a clone. Too much work for one woman but I'm glad that I'm the the one who gets all the hugs and kisses. 


Nancy Jo said...

Love all the pictures! Thanks for posting! I think you are a wonderful mom & have terrific kids! Amazing make up on Baylie & Paisley!!

embot said...

You are the best mom!! And I don't say that lightly!!

love all the photos, Each one of your kids are what you call a "powerhouse". just like you!

Lindsey said...

Great pictures on mother's day!! Love Darby's lego creation. That is neat! Love Luke's mustache and Baylie reading scriptures! Fun park pictures, and cute sleepers. Your kids are wonderful and you are amazing. I want to see Mormon Prom dresses!