Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dear Inanimate Objects

there are 2 weeks left of seminary and I will be glad.  Jason is very tired, even more than me which is actually good cause it keeps my complaining in check.

but back to the title of this post.  Here is my letter to all the things that can't talk to me back…

Dear iPad, Wii, and my iPhone.  

Thank you for getting my house a little bit cleaner.  And hows that you ask since you didn't actually scrub anything yourself? 

Well, because of my children's love for each one of you and thankfully we have so many options for bribes so that enough children can be playing while others are working…I actually got some stuff done.   Holy Cow I can't believe it.  Not me get it done but it got done and not by me makes me even happier. 

The kids have their 2 chores a day which actually is more like a daily chore and a 2 times a week chore…but there is still so much to do since they are like little tornadoes…I am not even joking. 

But thankfully, Luke wanted to play Madden football on the wii….so he cleaned something…his was all the mirrors in the house. 

Darby, the iPad in exchange for the sliding glass door (she was home sick for school so got off a little easy)

Baylie, the wii (working while Luke was playing), gathered all the toys and random kid crap in the backyard and put them in the bins that totally don't work but at least our backyard looks a little less white trash than it used to this morning. Sigh. 

Paisley, the kids bathroom counter for then iPad (her and Darby do it for the mine craft of course!)…it was like a gooey explosion that has been driving me nuts.  Seriously kids can you not spit in the sink and wash it on but must spit on it?  Does not matter because you are done.  Clean for at least 2.2 seconds.  (and yes I am mean and check and they always have to go back and fix something, not one of those softy moms who says it looks good no matter what they do)

Ivy, well, really this was for me.  So you got my phone.  Good thing it has a life proof case (life proof yes you can pay me to do a commercial for you cause we suuuure have tested all of ours!) Cause you were getting into everything and I just needed some quiet while I cooked dinner.  A dinner everyone liked by the way, one of my favorites…thank you Laurie for the fish sauce! it went far!  Coconut Curry Soup in case you want to make it too.  

So yes I was partly losing my mind today but thank you high priced technology items, you helped me reclaim it.  We shall do another sick day tomorrow partners together!  (Darby has a terrible rash and Baylie the beginnings of it)

Really should I be thank you Apple corporation or the ghost of Steve Jobs for the great inventions.  Who invented the Wii do we know?  Someone else probably does.  

Now if anyone has a solution for the fighting that one did not go well today.  four girls home sounded more like a party in my head.  Thankfully play dough (the remains which are all over the floor) bought us some happy time and a good old Shirley Temple film.

So normally the 5 pm hour is a bit hair pulling (me wanting to pull my own hair) but today it was just lovely.  stuff cleaned, kids bribed.  thank you very much.  

Good night!

About to go on our morning walk.  rusty is a little crazy about wanting his walk in the morning he loves it.  we were like a girl gang this morning.  a brightly colored one with varying degrees of hair doneness.

I thought this picture was funny cause its like the sister match ups.  Bigs and littles.  except paisley looks sad here, maybe i was blocking the tv.  lindsey, how many things in this room can you spot that you gave to me?  what have I given you,  a whole lotta nothing thats what.  your very welcome.  

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embot said...

I've been thinking about you guys and seminary! it's such a good thing and yet it's SO HARD!
I am more than ready for the year to be over. :(