Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring break 2014

Well I ended up being friends with spring break despite 2 action packed days called Monday and Tuesday that had me wiped out. 

The rest of the week we chilled at home and that's always a good thing. 

My awesomeness continued to Monday even when the kids had chicken nuggets with cookies for after school snack and then had chicken nuggets and carrots for dinner while we watched granite flats and studio c. When Jason isn't home I really go all out. 

This weekend we went to the temple, to an Easter egg hunt and Leah's baptism.  

Then Friday aunt Marschell came! Just by herself with her cute puppy. Great to have other hands around and kids looooved her she was a celebrity. 

Oh yes and this week I finally repainted my gray but everyone thought it looked blue wall to a nice cream. And used up last of the five year old paint I had. 

And then cause apparently I've gotten older in last five years it totally messed up my back  and so it worked out so perfect that the primary gave me a week off of music time cause I got to sit my butt in relief society with my sister in law who made me cry by the way. 

Oh yes but my sleep has been all messed up cause of my back I did get to read an awesome book, Edenbrooke til 4 am yesterday... That works out awesome for the next day by the way but good thing the book was gooood. 

Oh yes and we took a trip out to uncle Nathan's work where we are new patients because he does non evasive dentistry where you don't drill cavities and paisley had 3!  

So worth the drive for how painless it was and fun to see him in action. Guess all those hours at USC dental school  studying paid off! 

But paisley will be eating more nuts and cheese than sugar for a while being treated by ozone.  

This was the reaction to buying back her Easter candy!!!

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RachelAA said...

I seriously don't know how we'd survive without dino nuggets! So glad you loved Edenbrook - as did I.