Sunday, April 27, 2014


We showed up at the Mormon helping hands very tired at 7:30 and put on our yellow vests. I had heard the the little kids were staying at the church to color placemats but nope we went to the school site and all there was was painting!!! Previous years is has been 8 and up. I had a mini heart attack thinking of the littlest and paint but took a chill pill and we did it... Til noon! 

Can't believe we latest that long and so grateful paint came off... Clothes still to be determined ... Oh well for a good cause live and learn. Paisley wore her favorite pants. 

A few times I panicked I lost ivy but we did not and Jason had just taken her to the bathroom. She has no accidents ... A potty miracle! 

Hot tip for bringing kids to service project.... Feed them well. I had offered yogurts and no one ate much and Luke just had chocolate milk and the boy was no good the last two hours til I realized duh he is hungry!!!! So now I'll be better prepared next year . Everyone was much happier after Burger King and a long bath! 

The girls were champs the whole time. Probably cause they were eating fruit snacks and granola bars whole time and I never let them paint real things! 

So nice to finally be apart of it Mormon helping hands. I'm sure we have many more Saturdays in our future. Next year I'm bringing a boom box . 

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