Thursday, April 24, 2014

60 year old self

Woke up thinking about when I turn 60.

Side bar: twice this week I had vivid dreams that I was on studio c and totally became friends with Whitney and they thought I was really funny and not to old to be on there at all. It felt so real. It started out with them needing to get extras who could scream really well to do a scary skit but then they realized that i would be perfect for the show.

Anyway this year my dad turns 60 and just was thinking what would be 60 year old self tell my 35 year old self right now? 

Here's about what I came up with 

I think I would say....good for you for loving your body no matter what looked great!  And I'm glad you always got in the water and in a swimsuit that really helped your kids be confident too.

Or any effort you put in your marriage will be worth it and the best thing you ever did. 

Or way to go keeping your testimony strong cause your gonna need it. And the temple too.

Or maybe I would say hang in there your life turns out really great. 

Or maybe hold on to those good friends of yours they are gold.  

And all those dinners you cooked the kids built memories and they did eventually learn to cook them too (here's hoping!) 

But what I would actually probably say is start polishing your sewing skills cause you will have lots of prom dresses in your future so get to work! 

But what I'm hoping I would say is ..

Don't worry they all end up going on missions and graduating college and figuring out life just fine.  And they are your best friends.

And they all live close and you watch their babies and have big family parties every Sunday. 

And your have loved having Disney passes all these years since Jason got hired so long ago.

And you and Jason actually went on a proper vacation and it was worth the money. And you brought the kids. Sometimes. 

Who knows about the details and I know about the ones that really matter.  

Jason and I ran across some old goals we had written and I don't know if they are the funniest thing I've ever seen or the saddest. Maybe sad cause of how unrealistic but funny too cause we were duuuumb and didn't know anything. And apparently I should be mad at myself for not running a marathon. 

We wrote them when Luke was almost one and I don't think we did on our lists but have lots of babies. And maybe just cause it was a hard day or maybe cause life is hard no matter whose life ya have (interspersed with good tv, food and fun when you can) but those babies were the best thing we could have done. All five of them.  Even the cutie with crazy hair and keeps peeing on the floor.  And Jason and I for not quitting on each other. 
Good thing I was having such deep thoughts earlier cause the rest of the day went down the toilet... Wait I mean the floor because I never made it to the toilet ... Like six times... And two were poops :(

I do not understand how a kid can give their mom such a fake out with months of dry through the night and perfect days to regress so much in one day.

But kids do regress and moms too maybe. Like that one time Luke peed in the hallway in the green house when he was 4 something right after we moved. 


Amber said...

That is AWESOME that you made goals. Wish we would have done that, if for nothing else, but comic relief. Awesome post!

Nancy Jo said...

Ditto Amber's comments : )

Beth said...

I agree too. Love this so much!

Sara Jane said...

That is awesome Brooke! I'm sure if I made goals they would look similar :).