Sunday, April 20, 2014


If you have not seen this yet it is worth your 2 minutes 45 seconds of time.  #Because of Him

I already talked about it on facebook, but really touched me.  I love My Savior and my testimony of Him is priceless to me.  It has saved me from despair and I know will again and again.


Now, on a lighter note, Whats up?

Was your Easter morning as awesome (sarcastic as mine was) with girls who didn't want to curl their hair and Luke apparently only has one ratty tie and a too tight shirt and I freaked out cause I so wish we were that family with cute, new matching outfits (Ivy had no bow and wouldn't even wear flip flops), and some years we have been but NOT THIS YEAR.  this year is about survival (crap, I think all my years are melding into just survival) and then Jason and I were sharp with each other and Luke said something to Darby (if future Luke is reading this go find your sister and give her a hug for many verbal abuses!!!) and I woke up too early and have been fighting sickness and still hadn't finished my music and ....on and on bla bla and  my quiche never was done so we ate cereal inside.  Felt like a big failure.

There was some good parts.  Easter basket and easter egg hunt and my hair looked really good  and love my new Paparazzi necklace I gifted myself ;) and so did the girls hair once it was curled and nobody got burned with the curling iron.

and then we went to church and it all magically changed us.  The music, the talks, the lessons, the people.  and we came home happier and loving and all worked out.  Love what my church does for me.

and then we ate the quiche for lunch and it was delicious :)

on other noteables...Ivy escaped from nursery, they were looking for her and while I was doing singing time, she came in the primary room very sheepishly.  But no accidents!!! wahoo!

and last night Luke told me (wow Luke, you are getting a lot of spotlight on this post, I should point out that you gave a great talk on obeying your parents...thank you sister Lauricella for assigning that one!!! that you wrote yourself!)  that he wished he didn't have such a weird mom.  Which I feigned being offended and I asked what mom does he want?  Just less weird.  Sorry kid, you are stuck.  but i'm sure weird moms build character.

we did 11th hour easter egg dying at 8 p.m. last night...with sparkles.  luke is officially over that part...

Hopefully you all eat something good and take a nap. Happy Easter.  The Happiest Reminder Day of the Year. 


Jenn said...

I thought your family looked great yesterday- should have told you! Love your family

RachelAA said...

Haha I'm dying - so funny because really, when do all our holiday plans for as scheduled!?!? I, too, did cereal and we didn't even do an egg hunt. Yup, we're that lame. But hey, my kids matched - wait, did I mention that was my mom's doing, not mine. I'm the one that got in bed the night before and had to be reminded to get up and get the baskets done. Oops - holidays are a lot of work. Yeah for a good hair day, though!!!!