Thursday, April 17, 2014

Potty Training update

Okay, so this is just for my poor memory and that I'm guessing my daughters will be asking me one day and I for sure know I won't remember.

Ivy - I didn't want to potty train you.  I was gonna wait til you were 3.  We had dabbled here and there and you weren't interested in peeing on the potty.

But then dang it you changed your mind even though it was me who wasn't ready and here we are.  You just kept taking off your diaper and crawling up there yourself despite my wierdo discouragement!

Good news is you didn't have one accident yesterday, although you did pee 3 times outside!!!  What the what?  Maybe watching the dog too much? What my neighbors must think?  So many times I wish we had more privacy in our yard!  Paisley had to try it once too cause it looked so fun.

This morning I spied you out the window at like 8:15 a.m stripping down and ran out and said, Hey, how about we pee on the potty, not outside anymore.

More good news is you have been dry in the night for a while and now including wearing panties.  Yes you can all hate me that this is always easy part for my kids, even naps.  I think its just dang genes and  if you have a bed wetter there isn't a whole lot you can do but thankfully God decided I must have had my fill and blessed me with kids with good bladders…which I find so ironic considering the state of my own bladder…

anyway, I've about run out of diapers and in shock a bit about it.

Still have some bad days, like that one day during spring break where you peed on the play structure, at the restaurant and pooped on the floor, was it twice?

Thank you princess undies for being so fun for Ivy to wear.  and I love those padded ones which a first for me to buy.

Here's to cute 2 3/4 tushies wearing undies with their backwards inside out clothes that they put on themselves!

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RachelAA said...

Congrats- gotta love it when they're just ready!