Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Good

I have been into quotes lately.   And one I read was something along the lines of how big of fool we are if think we will just remember it....so since I'm no fool ;)  here is me writing it down.

 Luke "  Mom you feel like my bed"  when giving me a hug

 Mornings can be rough around here.  its like trying to hurry slugs.  And sometimes we might butt heads...like when Luke told me he has been throwing away the sandwiches I've been making him (and it was a treat I was making them since I believe in kids fixing stuff on their own).  So I need to remember all the good quotes.

Also, same child has been having an issue at school missing very easy questions cause he doesn't read it all the way through.  Or going to fast.  So he should be performing way above what he is because of it.  So we are working on that and I was reviewing his papers and trying to applaud the good and then pointing out these ones he just mixed tons from simple things that I know he knows.  And we were talking about being attention to detail (I know, I know, this is like the pot calling the kettle black) and how when you are an employee you have to pay attention to details.

To which Luke responded "So like when someone orders garlic fries and then you give them regular fries. "

yes, just like that.  Although I was thinking like when you are a surgeon but fast food works too.

Last night we went to a Christmas party that I have been nervous about.  It was a place we have never been and Jason couldn't come.  Plus we were going to be the few with children and you know how my children can be sometimes?  But I gave them a big pep talk (aka stern warning and expectations) and we went.  Well we had the most fun ever and I love when that happens.

There was a guy with an accordion from France and he entertained the kids singing songs about them and keeping them in the spotlight.  Like when Luke was calling himself Gladys and dancing around. Paisley even got a kiss from a future suitor and Darby invited everyone to her birthday party.  Baylie addressed all the adults and was forced to request a new computer.  It was awesome I promise

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Phillips Family said...

I felt the same way about the party. Hesitant going in but so glad I went...so much fun! You were rock-star mama that night!