Monday, December 16, 2013


Saturday I was on a crafting kick... Sans sewing machine that I'm worried I might never see again. After haggling over the price it sure is taken really long to fix... Two months now. 

But wow didnt really have anything to put on the blog and then was looking thru my pictures and was like wow there are some goldens on here that need to be shown to the world (or at least my family) 

Here is my breakfast this morning. Tastes like sludge. I have a very high tolerance of grossness I can consume in the name of health or skinniness or need to eat my veggies but doesn't make them tastier. In fact I usually think... Ya know what would wash away this bitter aftertaste ... Homemade toffee :) so I'm a walking oxymoron folks. Protein shakes and dessert for breakfast. I have a great desire to exercise ( boo hoo free Zumba and boot camp died at the church I'm still in morning... Now pass me something buttered) and yet .... More toffee.  

Just had to include this darling pic and I hope we can show this one day when they are all going to Mormon prom together and recreate it. Love that my girls have good girls to be friends with. 

Now lets talk outfits. This is paisleys wardrobe folks. Purple pants and pink boots. The shirt changes.

Ivy was in this snazzy number but dresses more for whatever is clean and within moms reach kinda thing. 

But ivy is definitely showing her independence. Ya want something from the kitchen , she will take your order and bring you it. 

Mother bragging warning. Luke read the most in the whole school his semester more than 1 million words. And Darby shattered her teachers 25 year record and got 500% of her goal. Ya here that other McCoy kids? You better bring it 

I love my kids eating wishes. Artichokes are a treat and I did not have one til I was in college. 

I went on two school field trips this week. To a play with Baylie and Darby and to mountasia with paisley. It's hard to arrange but glad I could come. Ivy so wants to be big. 

Ventured to bev mo for some non alcoholic beverages and had fun with the family sampling them all. Just reminds me and its nice to have Jason working. 
Knock on word knocking knocking knocking.
I love relief society. Had a progressive dinner Christmas home tour. Also grateful for my friend Tiffany and her boys who Luke gets to have a childhood with. She is awesome.

Baylie and Ethan as Mary and Joseph 
Ward Christmas party. Very nice and Christ centered. 

Here are my primary peeps singing. 

And another outfit this one I got from Linds. Holy cuteness . The lighting is bad but she pretty much looked like a gingerbread cookie slash mrs Claus. And only really special people's rooms look like this. 

Luke being cool at temple lights with Delanie, Owen and baylen...also who I hope we will have pictures with one day at Mormon prom. 

Darby the ham.  Your welcome for this amazingness. We are still kicking. 


Lindsey said...

Love all the pictures!! I have more dresses from where that one came from!!:). Too cute.

Nancy Jo said...

I love all the pictures too! So cute! I still haven't tasted an artichoke : 0

Nancy Jo said...

That is AWESOME about Luke and Darby's reading awards!!! Also Baylie is the cutest Mary I have ever seen!

Lindsey said...

Way to go Luke and Darby!!