Thursday, December 5, 2013

Favorite Games

I really liked this holiday gift list for kids from Mel's Kitchen Cafe.    

I've been thinking of our favorite games.

We love playing games and every time we play them I think we should do this more.

In fact, Sunday nite is here declared informally game nite.

Our personal family favorites.

Farkle & Spicy Farkle (quick brainless)

The water game.  Greatest McCoy game ever.  Take a cap from a bottle (like 2 liter) and fill with water.  Everyone sits in a circle, unlimited number of people (great for family get togethers). One person with the cap of water chooses a catagory (like candy bars or name of someone in the room or numbers 1 through 20)...and writes it down on a piece of paper (this is for proof and no cheating!).  Then they walk around to everyone and when they are in front of you make a guess....If its what they wrote down or you repeat someones answer you get the water splashed on you and its your turn. 

Milesbourne (I always win, kids like too)
Its in English and French and its just fun pronouncing french badly too.  This isn't the old school version I have but same game.

Settlers of Catan (longer game, its a cult game really)

Apples to Apples

Monopoly (kids love, I want to poke my eye out)

War - with playing cards.  Kids love this

Headbands.  My kids are kinda cheaters at this game but they still like it. 

We also just got this (at midnight on Black Friday for a deal and kids love it. )

Spot It - love all versions, great for non readers. 

perfect for Paisleys age, quick and easy and helps with vocabulary and speech

Candyland, just bought a new one for $4 with a spinner and best thing ever not having all those stupid cards.  

Nectar Collector (or in McCoy homes, the Bee Game)

chess - kids and I got into this year and dang it I cannot beat Luke!

We are also quite fond of simon says were nobody gets out, red light green light, duck duck goose, and my new favorite since you get to put down your head and close your eyes, heads up seven up. 

Uno, always a favorite and simple for little kids. 

I would love to get into big puzzles one day but those are impossible with 2 year olds.  We do puzzles but they are like in little snippets of time when we can protect them....sigh, nothing in this house can be protected very long. 

Also, we cannot play Sorry.  Kids cannot handle the concept maybe when they are all older. 

Games I want

Telestrations, We played this in Vegas at Brandon and Cori's and it was so fun.  The only thing is with a big big crowd, I would want the bigger one. Its kinda like the telephone game and pictionary mashed up together.

Loaded Questions, my friend Lisa plays this with her extended family and sounds hilarious

Apples to Apples Junior

Loaded Questions Junior

Ticket to Ride

Want to Try

Never played it but has tons of awards and looks fun.  As long as you aren't super opposed to betting, which I am not ;) as long as its in a non Vegas way. 

Okay folks, what are your favorite games and who wants to come to a McCoy game night?


Mommy said...

I used Mel's list to make a list for my kids! There were awesome suggestions there. You've got good ones, too. Our favs come from a local Mom and Pop store here that does NOT carry any brand name games. I'll make a list, too. :)

Beth said...

Great post!!! I will steal some of these. we played telestrations w my in laws over thanksgiving, too, and was so fun!

Courtney said...

We love farkle, spot it, apples to apples, and uno! I love telestrations too! so fun!

-A said...

Some of our favorites are: Scrambled States of America, Yahtzee, 5 Second Rule, Time's Up, and Skip-bo.