Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Today was weird

I was a crab. At least I could recognize that.  

My kids made me laugh when I wasn't hollering at them.  

Hot tip of the day: always shower. Always. Cause I was regretting it later on and think contributing to my grouchy mood. 

Ups and downs like any day. 

Here are some dang amusing pictures though to document it. Wait some of these are from this weekend. 

Have meetings at school three nites this week and have to take all the kids. Shoot me. Last one is tomorrow but it will be two hours. Another hot tip: dont tell your oldest kid how boring you think the meeting was cause he almost told his teacher that his mom said that was the most boring thing she had done in her life when his teacher was in charge of it. That would not have been good.

Ps. Our school is lacking $28,000 in budget and PTA is trying to raise money. Yikes. 

At that meeting , paisley and Baylie both had to desperately go to the bathroom and ivy pooped her Diaper. Unfortunately I was stuck and told them to hold it and go back to watching iPad under the table. 

Now I do love a good big bow. 

This is what I was doing at boring meeting. 

Baylie wanted to be a baby. Don't we all?

Homesick for my mom, made some tapioca. 

And here is a good quote from my little bud on Instagram. 

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