Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Notes

I love stories.  I especially love true stories.  I also love stories where the 'point of it' hits me unexpectedly and I feel a connection.  That is why I always love Relief Society General Conference.  I was trying to do the math today in the car.  15 million mormons in the world.  Literally in every country that isn't communist (and a couple that are).  Half of those are women.  And then what percentage of that are children or youth?  cause we know how mormons like to have babies.  hmmm.... (Mindy I think this is where you tell me the answer cause my brain hurts).  The thing that is so neat is I have read on other blogs or talked to my friends who were there and all were touched.  How can we all be touched with our different circumstances, different lives, different needs?  That is the miracle of the Spirit and listening to inspired speakers of the Lord who pray to know what to say and for us to be open to hear it. 

here is where I drumroll and give too much background before I actually tell you what they said.
Ready.  Background:  

This past Saturday was the relief society broadcast, and this weekend is General Conference (pajama church).  The broadcast started at 5 p.m. with dinner provided by the stake afterwards.  Here are my notes for anyone who missed.  I didn't take notes of the whole thing, just what spoke to me.  and don't quote me, cause these are rough quotes of them.  go watch it at

the other morning was going a bit off before school (I have been spoiled all these years having Jason home during breakfast and school drop off) and was inspired to tell them a story from women's conference that President Monson told.  You could have heard a pin drop at the kitchen table, the kids love true stories too.  Especially ones that invite the spirit in our home.

Okay, so here are what the inspiring women said.  Or what I typed quick on my phone :)

- You have to learn to keep your baptism covenants before you keep your temple covenants.

- When you are befriending or serving or supporting your fellow sisters you probably aren't thinking HEY, I'M KEEPING MY COVENANTS...but you are.

- Second speaker (sorry really awesome lady whose name I can't remember, 1st counselor) told a story of when her father in law passed away, her ten year old grandson stayed close to Granny at the funeral.  Sat by her, head her arm, and stayed with her.  Later, she sent her grandson an email saying how proud she was he was keeping his covenants (this was like a DOH! moment for me, I should be making that connection with myself and my own children).

- Same speaker told about a woman in Russia who she visited that was super neat.  She keeps a list of those who stopped coming to church who say they have been offended to contact and visit them.  She tells them:  Don't be offended, that's ridiculous.

(The scripture popped into my mind during this from New Testament, anyone remember where?  When thou art converted strengthen they brethren)

- Why does the Savior put so much importance on the sacrament?  Because we are renewing our covenants.

- Okay, Sister Reeves spoke about the fire in the Provo Tabernacle (which was a historical church used by city and church, very beautiful for all who haven't heard of it).  The entire inside of it was burned.    Why did this happen?  Couldn't the Lord have prevented the fire?  Ten months later at general conference there was a gasp when it was announced that the Provo Tabernacle would be made into a temple.  The Lord allows us to be tried and tested to our maximum capacity.  But He doesn't leave us in the ashes, He is building our lives into magnificent temples

(Wow. did ya read that last line?  BEST PART OF THE WHOLE THING IF YOU ASK ME).  

- Nothing that happens to us is a shock or a surprise to Him.

- On being critical to ourselves:  Is this something The Lord wants me to think about myself?  Or is this Satan trying to beat me down?

Okay, now President Monson spoke.  And He is just great.  So lovely.

His wife recently passed and He spoke of her with such tenderness.

Okay, remember these are not direct quotes (well some might be pieces) but my summary so go read for yourself if you want to get the nitty gritty.

- Remember prayer when you feel separated from the Great Giver of Gifts or when fear has replaced Faith.

- We were not placed on this earth to walk alone.  Christ will be there to help if we but ask.

- Homemade bread story:  Tiffany whose husbands in medical school has four very small children.  Has to do everything herself since he is gone and feeling the weight of it.  Suffered from depression.   Sought medical help.  Nothing was working.  Wasn't eating.  Had a very small frame so this was a big concern.  Felt alone and not close to her Savior.  Her friends and family were bringing meals and fasting and praying and nothing was working.  She could eat like 3 bites and nothing more.  Her good friend came over with her favorite foods and she couldn't eat it.  Finally the friend says, Tiffany, what does sound good?  "Homemade bread"  she says.  Well the next day, her husband answers the door and there is a friend of her sister who lived out of state, delivering homemade bread.   Tiffany calls her sister in Colorado and says, thank you for sending your friend to me with the bread.  The sister doesn't know about it, she didn't tell her to.  The friend had only met Tiffany once, at Thanksgiving.  She lived 30 mins away across town.  She made an extra loaf of bread that morning and felt inspired to put it in her car.  She went to a playdate and at 1 p.m. her baby became fussy and needed a nap so she left.  But when she got in her car she felt like she should take it to Tiffany, who was her friends sister.  She tried to dismiss it cause it was out of the way and naptime and also because she hardly knew Tiffany and it seemed odd.  But the feeling was strong so she did it anyway.  And in delivering the bread, gave Tiffany confirmation that the Lord was aware of her and her needs and loved her.

Now, I should go read his version to see if I missed anything.  Okay, going to bed.  Its been a funny day like days usually are.  Baylie was counting the zits on my face right before bed.  Bedtime is my favorite, I get to have five nightly chats and give lots of kisses.

Can't wait to hear what conference brings this weekend, I know I need to hear it. 


Nancy Jo said...

Thanks for the refresher - it was good. I love that you talk with each of your kids before they go to bed. That is really special & they will remember that.

Courtney said...

Thanks for sharing! That made me want to listen to them again! It was such a great meeting! Love you!