Thursday, August 15, 2013


The first day of school was awesome. Everyone loved their teachers and had fun and came home happy. And I loved being with paisley and ivy! Wow what a difference I had forgotten how much I can get done during the day. And PTA stuff went great despite Luke throwing my foam core sail for the Viking boat for the bulletin on the roof...

Brenda, you are right, the people you meet at school make it worth it. We all want what's best for our kids and great environment to associate with other parents. 

Christie passed out a Book of Mormon to a fellow high schooler who saw it sitting on her desk. We can thank elder hawker for that awesome challenge. Darby put hers on her desk too. 

Luke said that being a fifth grader is great . But that when he was little he thought fifth and six graders were so big and he feels so small but he knows all the younger kids are watching him and looking up to him but he feels the same. He said he took 4 tests today but his teacher made it fun. 

Baylie has two teachers this year that switch off. Darby is in a split with younger kids. I apparently took my chill pill finally and cool with all of this and think this year will be great. Or maybe it's because we finally have some history at a school and that feels really good. 

Had cordon bleu and lemon lettuce for dinner. Made some banana bread and bruschetta for an after school snack. Worked with paisley on writing her name.  Really enjoying being the mom. The kids were a bit tired and cranky by the end of the night but nothing a little reading can't fix. At one point everyone but Darby and Jason were in baylies bed listening to me read Stella Luna, Luke and I had paisley and ivy on our back and I thought this is a good life.  (Do not worry, Baylie stomped around the house a few times in a huff and Darby didn't like her dinner and Luke was mad someone took his seat at dinner and paisley refused to go potty without me saying she was scared and ivy was grumpy when she woke from her nap and we went to gymnastics not realizing it was canceled... But all of that is normal life stuff and couldn't over shadow the goodness of this day) . Yay for happy kids in school and mom too.  Had a coke slurped to celebrate when they were there ;)

Jason and I read one of Christie's college essays and it was really good. Plus we make a good editing team. That might surprise you will all my blog typos but I'm more for the content and Jason does the details.  Marrying an English major was quite handy. 


Beth said...

Yay for the first day!!! Glad you treated yourself w that slurpee.

Courtney said...

Cute pics! Sounds like a great day!