Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Magic maker

Last day of summer. Huh . How did that happen again? 

My sister in law Amberli said something when she visited that I have thought of a few times. She said we are the magic makers. Which is why we will drive ourselves to Utah to see grandpa or to have shaving cream fights with cousin. For the magical memories our efforts create and all the wonder and magic that should surround childhood. i think we tried to do that. with a nice big healthy dose of lazy to make it really summer. So Luke Darby and Baylie I will miss you at school. I have loved having us all together.  And paisley will be in preschool two days a week. Ivy is going to super miss you too!!

We swam some at this girls pool! 

Baylie and Leah deciding that sand and swimsuits were not for them anymore at the beach. Baylie doesn't like to be sandy. 

Luke especially loved the gem exhibit at natural history museum. 

Lindsey and I used to go all the time when she lived by USC. We used to joke we could be tour guides. It was nice going back but they changed a lot. Butterfly exhibit is alway awesome. 

Sadie and Baylie waiting on the stairs while yet another person has to go to the bathroom. Sadie was smart and brought her own toys for such occasions. The girl loves leopard print anything.

These hooligans stole my phone. 

Baylie drew Jesus on the cross during stake conference .

Oh light nites and eating outside are mg favorite. Plus less mess for inside. 

I have no idea what I'm making for dinner but we are doing priesthood blessings from dad before school starts tomorrow. Wish us luck ;)


Beth said...

Same! Hope your kiddos have a great first day, and you can relax a little after your week of working so hard as a PTA mama. :)

Nancy Jo said...

Tell all the kids good luck at school from us and hug and kisses! Let us know how it goes!