Thursday, August 22, 2013

Stuff I like

In no particular order

1.  Getting packages in the mail.  Today I got my convention accessories from Paparazzi and I was squealing like a...pig?  a girl?  hmmm...... maybe a girl pig? 

2.  Darby and Baylie spend every recess together and their classrooms are right next to each other.  Makes me so so happy.  Like when I ask who they are playing with at recess (they mostly play cops and robbers) they start rattling the people and say, and of course Darby or and of course Baylie and I love that.  Sisters are awesome.

3.  FB came through for me and I got some new books for Luke.  Came home from the library with a stack of 7 and he already read one and started on the sequel.  NERDS series.

4.  Tuna on toast for dinner.  Always reminds me of my mom and my grandma.  Cheap, depression era food that everyone likes.

5.  Hugga Hugga.  After morning prayers or nite prayers we all get in a circle and jump up and down saying hugga hugga.  Sounds wierd but kids love it.  I did it with my family and love that that the tradition continues (yes gma and gpa we do XOS too but only for special occassions cause its longer)

6.  How much the kids miss each other when their siblings are at school.  The big ones miss the little ones and the little ones miss the big ones.  Its like a big hug fest when they get home...and I love it.  And then of course they forget and squabble for a little bit it lasts.  Today was Paisleys first day of preschool and Ivy very much missed her.

7.  Paisley rocked preschool.  The girl has been dying for years to go to Grandma K and Grandma B and now its finally her turn.  Two days a week.  (also nice to have a break from her bossing me around all the time.  sheesh!  ivy does too!)

8.  Cookie dough in the freezer.  Always ready and waiting

9.  Kids in school.  Wow.  Its pretty great.

10.  hmm....feels like I should do a ten.  lets go with that Ivy's feet and hands have almost stopped peeling.  I have learned again the human body is amazing and weird...and can also shed like a snake.

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