Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wait one more second

Just found these pictures on my real camera.  slip n slide is so childhood summer memories to me. even if it does flood the patio a bit.

*insert pause*

just had to go run and check on the girls and paisley just said the I HATE phrase to baylie which is big time trouble and my most severe punishment which is soap in the mouth. yuck.  we are heading to the library in a few minutes but am waiting for Darby to finish her book. 

so guess i will type the rest out quickly as paisley is no longer happy. 

I am only typing these details because all morning my kids have been reading the blog books I have and laughing their heads off at #1 all my typos (you said dad was a SHE, HAHAHAH!) and #2 the funny crazy things they actually did. 

but this picture must be remembered cause Jason and I will never forget.  Wow we sure loved that Kennedy.  She is quiet but so brave and daring and seriously what 18th month old would so happily slather herself in shaving cream...if this isn't proof that shaving cream doesn't sting that nothing is.  Ya hear that shaving cream company I have a great commercial idea for you and an alternative selling market = kids in summer.  

 and this is what caught red handed looks like.  Ivy is quick and her wake creates damage.  Good bye red lipstick (insert mental plans to steal a few lipsticks of hers when she is older). 

her life goal is to try and crawl in the bathroom sinks and turn on the water. 

but I do love my caboose. 


Sara Jane said...

Those are awesome pics of your niece and Ivy. I need to remember shaving cream for play. I just don't ever think about it.

Amberli said...

ahhh! so cute and fun! oh my kennedy - the brave shaver. and ivy - the brave lipstick stealer!