Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dear Children

Thank you Luke, Darby, Baylie, Paisley and Ivy for being so patient with your mother.   I love all the ages you are at right now.  So sorry when I offend your little spirits.  Thanks for forgiving me so many times and for always being my biggest fans.  I love you so much and when you read this in 2015 when I actually print this blog book just know that I love you and am so glad to be your mother.  And thanks for working with me the summer of 2013 when your dad had gone back to work and your mom was relearning how to be a stay at home all over again.  Sorry that I haven't figured out a better system with the tv watching/ipad/wii yet.  Sorry I threw so many fits.  I am not perfect, but I love all of you. 

Thanks for the hugs and for playing so sweetly together sometimes.  You are my treasures. 

Love, your Mom 

(who is a bit crazy)


cori said...

you are such a good mommy. just trying to blog again and get caught up! i love you and your family. looks like you all have fun~ i love it!

RachelAA said...

Love this post -I know I've written a few just like it. You're doing a fabulous job

Amberli said...

amen!! i could have written this same post to my kids! we are lucky moms! and you are a fantastic mom!!