Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Goals


Okay so here is all the planning so far.  Trying to learn from last summer.  Summers are funny beasts.  They are so so awesome and then by the end .... (insert sound of nose dive and explosion)

So we are doing the regular chores, plus the chore bucket for when they argue or whine (thanks Tanya for the awesome idea)

and then each kid is working on a goal.

Also, the bucket list has been simplified from last year and tried to make it super cheap and easy to do.   Might need to add $1 movies on there, but I'm sorta chicken for that with Ivy.  She is squirley as you can tell from the sign Jason made and little lock so that she can't get into the garage.

Ivy's goal:  Don't die...or get injured or lost
Paisleys goal:  Write name (this is more her mama's goal which I keep putting on, she has some letters done, maybe i'll just have her go by Pail)
Baylie's goal:  say Yes.  when her mom asks to do perfectly reasonable stuff like get dressed or pick up that thing she just dropped or come eat...she will happily comply :) 
Darby's goal:  read, read, read.  she has read two books but she doesn't voluntarily read so we are basically having her read and read until she likes it.  that works right?  don't tell me it doesn't its her blood!
Luke's goal:  reading the book of mormon.  The boy has already read 6 or 7 books since we have been out of school and he needs to be make another solid go at it.  not really pushing to have it finished since its big and summer is only 2 months but the focus is there.

my goal:  not yell, keep the peace, exercise to keep sanity.  keep house clean cause it makes me less crazy.  keep cooking.  and read as many books as i can.  so far two, shannon hale ones.

Jason's goal:  adapt in new work environment and we need to buy the man some pants, his are falling off him!  dang it he lost so much and threw it on me while I was sleeping how rude!  ;)

kids did their own posters.
baylie was not happy with me she didn't have a green handy when she did hers but a blue tree is just dandy.  i lied.  i did lukes.  or found it on the internet and printed it.

luke did teach me and the girls how to play chess today.  it was fun.

Here is the chore jar. Cori had a good idea that you could just pick one everyday to rotate your daily chores.  so far is my just my yelling prevention :)


RachelAA said...

Such an inspiring post cause let me tell ya, this week was LONG! Love the goals and everything else. And of course, Shannon Hale!!! Have you read book club book, yet?

Mindy said...

LOVE this idea of doing a summer bucket list! And personal goals. Awesome, awesome, awesome!