Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 2

Yesterday was Jason's second day at work. 
Wow this feels so normal and so strange at the same time.

Here are my observations.

I'm very glad its summer.  No homework, no schedule.  Less of a shock that dad is gone that way.
I didn't get out of my pjs til 4:42 p.m.  Okay, so they look like clothes anyway. 
Which brings me to my next point.
These 9 months my load was definitely lifted.
Wow its weird to be the only boss at home.
What?  When mom says no we can't go run and ask Dad who will say yes?
Oh yes, summer means wonderful playing but also fighting.
Who gets to play the wii, who gets to be on ipad.
NOBODY DOES.  Well that was my plan and lasted one hot minute but then its back again.
I change my mind alot.   I haven't figured out my summer plan yet but its coming.
Giving myself a little breathing room.
Working on getting used to 'normal' again. 

Jason's new commute is a little more than half of what it used to be.
Its been nice having dinner together and hearing about his day.
The new job pretty different than what he used to do but he is rolling with it.
I know he will do great.  

Yesterday was like the best day ever for like 95 percent of the time.
But that last 5% before Jason got home left me with a bad taste the rest of the night.
Lost my temper since kids were arguing over stupid things (like who gets to be 1st player on the Wii...NOBODY! cause I turned it off, and then they were upset about that!)

But before that not great part. 

Our summer day was awesome.  Like picture perfect.

We stayed home and played with the hose and our fancy 2 ft plastic pool.
Read books and watched a movie, it was no key a recoop day just being together enjoying summer. Luke invented a game where he was king and the girls were his servants and he ordered them around which mostly consisted of telling them to throw buckets of water on him.  When I told him he should at least say please when he bossed them around he said, MOM, I'm a barbarian king and they don't say please.  The girls loved it. 

Darby killed a big old black widow outside. 

Luke mowed the lawn. Was proud of him for doing it even though he wasn't thrilled about it.  We have been leaving in the clippings and that saves tons of time.

Then about 7 p.m. I was making sure no one got burned and Luke's back was all pink.

WHAT!  how did that happen?

I never put sunscreen on him.  How did I miss that?  I was doing all the girls must have gotten distracted but I swore I had.  He even mowed the lawn with no shirt on in his swimsuit and a hat and i thought, oh so glad he has on sunscreen.  oops.  oh well.  next time.  

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Beth said...

Yay for the 2 ft. plastic pool. It saves the evenings :)