Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday fotos

Ivy climbed out of her bed in the middle night last nite. Yep that's where we are at. Not to be confused when paisley woke up crying too. 

Here is the breakdown of our Friday. 

Attended 3rd 150 % Accelerated reader award assembly of the week.. All three kids Holla!! Really only one needed coaxing to get it. Luke (and Braden) were acknowledged being the highest in their grades as well... He rocked it... Pure momma bragging :)

That also meant ivy and paisley attended three award assemblies this week and those girls are crazy. We make a show wherever we go and I clearly don't have good enough snacks cause that didn't entertain them. By baylie's award today I couldn't give anything to ivy or else she would throw it... Like her shoes and the shirt she tried to take off.

But then , we are the three amigos.. Four when dad hangs out with us to. 

Afterschool we all did silent high five here was no homework and after dinner (which no one liked but oh well) we watched granite flats on byu tv. We dig that show. 

Oh yes and had hot fudge sundaes with my moms hot fudge sauce since I'm missing family.  Big virtual hug to you all! And a sloppy kiss from ivy. 

I love baylie's teacher. Love love

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brandon said...

Love p. excited to get to know Ivy . baylie looks cute. expect nothing less from those kids .