Friday, June 7, 2013

Dear gophers

I hate you. First you ruined my newly landscaped front lawn and have been eyeing the back ever since. It's like pot holes when I try to mow the lawn! Jason has tried to pick you off one but noooo there are too many of you nasty things

But now this is war. You are in my garden. My most favorite hobby and delight of my children's tomato picking is sabotaged!!! First one fully grown tomato plant dead. Ate all the roots leaving a withered stalk and your escape hole. Then another plant bites the dust next in line. Dang you gophers!!!! Didn't you know that each of my kids planted their own tomato plant this year!!!

Then today I saw a big hole next to the third one and I don't know what to do!! Jason has set traps but its so hard to find you all! I have counted six holes in the garden so far. 

Should have known it since my garden is filled with weeds too. Never do fertilizer instead of compost. Worst mistake I got weeds growing everywhere. They must love fertilizer.  Too many weeds even with all my little workers picking. 

Well we shall see what becomes of you my garden.  Ill try to brace myself for the worst. Thankfully the cucumbers look untouched and have gotten a few already. And the jalapeƱos are good....but what good is a jalapeƱo without the tomatoes? 

The garden this year echoes our life of keep on keeping on. I planted 20 corn but only have half took so I did another round so now I have a motley corn bath with all different sizes and spacing is off. Its not so pretty but im hoping watering will pay off.

It is good enough :)

And I tried a last minute pumpkin even though I might have waited too long. We shall see. But Luke's dream of a BB gun just might happen sooner than i never planned on only if he becomes a gopher sniper. Must weigh out my hatred of gophers with my hatred of guns in my home... Hmmmm. I do like to shoot one, just didn't plan on owning one.  Well never say never. Wonder if a paint ball would do the trick? 


English Garden said...

I just read about castor oil granules, repels the gophers, its on amazon, worth a try... good luck!

Beth said...

Oh man. How annoying!? I think the McCoys can get rid of those gophers. I believe in you. Maybe there's some remedy on pinterest.

the happy thomas family said...

my tiny little mother-in-law has her own rifle with night vision scope and laser ... just for shooting armadillos in her flower beds. just sayin'