Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The good parts

I have been known to notoriously show the real parts of motherhood, life, whatever. But right now folks, just how to show the good parts and this memorial weekend we had lots of them.

Darby requested for her birthday Oreo smasho instead of cake . She also wanted to order Dominos (thank you Nana!) but not the pizza so we had hot wings and cheesy bread.  Lindsey brought her kids down. Girls rocked the wii just dance kids. Jason took Luke on father and sons campout. We took Darby out of school early to spend time with him before they left.  And for the record, even the babies can climb the tree...which I guess makes them no longer babies. 

There is still mayhem. But the good kind.

Memorial Day lists: 
Birthday celebration girls only. 
Good friends
Cheap entertainment.
Lots of food. 

I so wish this dollar tree picture wasn't blurry cause its so awesome to me.

the kids were begging to go all day ever since there fake uncle made them run laps for a dollar.
dollar tree is like kid heaven and just in case you are wondering, it is open on memorial day.


brandon said...

Cute still wondering what ivy 's personality will be like

RachelAA said...

So glad there was so much fun to be had :)

Beth said...

My kids looove dollar tree trips!

Adam and Lisa said...

How fun!!! LOVED the previous post's pictures Darby in her baptism dress. Adam and I kept talking about how beautiful she is. Btw, want that oreo smash recipe!

Courtney said...

So fun!