Friday, May 24, 2013

8 year old Darby

Darby is finally 8!  What a big number!
Darby has always been so happy and joyful!
When she was a baby she would go to anyone and I thought that was amazing!
She is super girlie yet can wrestle with the boys.
She was the first to walk at 9 months and has always been confident.
So glad I have you, you are a delightful daughter! 

Darby Samantha McCoy is 8 years old today.
She will be baptized in a few weeks and she is ready.  She is moments from finishing the Book of Mormon and I've very proud of her.  She has a tender heart and very affectionate.
Darby was an easy baby (bless you!).  She is very brave.  She is artistic and athletic. 
She is smart and good.  We are so lucky to have her be the oldest girl in our family.
Its quite a big position to be the first of four girls and she is great at it.

Looking back at these old pictures I think. 
Wow, her and Ivy do look a lot a like. 
Next I think, I want to go back then. It looks so fun and carefree.
We have had a great life, and sure enjoyed my children.
Darby is a blessing and she will be a great mother one day as she has had lots of practice!
After her mission and college of course!

Love you so much Darby!!!!!  You are beautiful inside & out!


Alvhild Evans said...

Ahhhh! Happy Birthday Darby! Love all the pictures!

Mindy said...

Way cute pictures! Happy Birthday Darby!

brandon said...

Beautiful darby

Beth said...

Happy birthday Darby. Hope it was a great one.

Nancy Jo said...

We LOVE Darby! It was fun to see her younger pictures! She really is pretty!

English Garden said...

I can't believe how time flies, I remember her being a teeny tiny baby! She looks stunning in her baptism dress pics.

Courtney said...

Such fun pictures! She looks so old and beautiful in her baptism dress. Those were just so much fun to look at