Sunday, May 19, 2013

Jammed weekend

No school so we went to the Zoo. Perfect weather. 

Darby and I went to a mother daughter nite sponsored by the church on Friday. It was lovely and wonderful and can't wait to go to mother daughter things for many many years.

Saturday we were able to see our friends baby sealed to them in the temple. And we spotted Elder Cook there too!  Before we went home we ate with the lows and pretty much I love them.  We met them when we first moved to Los Angeles and have 9 kids now between us....but I stole all the girls! 


English Garden said...

Wow! old friends, miss all of you guys!! Also Kate has read all of the HP books, I told her she can't watch movie 7 until she's 12 and I haven't broken it to her yet that I'm going to make her re-read the whole series before she can actually watch it:)

Nancy Jo said...

Love the matching poses of you and Darby! So talented!