Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring break

Dude. I'm starting spring break already exhausted. And I got 11 hours of sleep last nite thanks to Jason. Well the second part was in paisleys bed but still counts.

Here are my plans. Park today. Do a whole lot of nothing. Celebrate Baylie 's birthday Thursday and work on her 'list'. 'Lists' of fun privileges and stuff they want to do is what we are doing instead of presents this year.

Other than that I want to finish my last fablehaven book that Luke got my hooked on and try and chill.


RachelAA said...

That list is BRILLIANT

Phillips Family said...

Braden just finished the last book. Loved it. Happy spring break!

English Garden said...

Your on Spring Beak to? we should have come and visited you guys but we went the other direction instead, you guys could have come and road tiripped with us!