Thursday, April 4, 2013

Baylie Mae is 6

Baylie Mae is six years old. 

Well this is Baylie's fancy new birthday outfit and backpack.
She looooves it and loves being fancy.
I have been looking for old pictures of when Baylie was little 
and my memories with each one are so different and special.
Baylie was born when we were in the little green house 
and she was the first, and only McCoy kid to have her own nursery room.
My friends threw a surprise baby shower
 and I used the mula to buy new bedding for her that I loved.
It was sky blue and green that I got on ebay.
I painted her name in blue on the wall just cause I could.
Which is totally fitting because she is my only child with blue eyes.
a Miracle on my side of the family and perfect for being in the middle of our family.

Baylie, Baylie, Baylie.  wow, what you must have in store for you
anyone who causes such a wake sure has a great future ahead of them
you are awesome!

 This is how she came out of her room this morning.  robe on with hat from primary
with your BFF Darby 

Here is you being a bunny and also how I got you to clean up some toys.  

If there is something I could go back in time and do would be to go hold
my babies again.  Those months and first few years getting to know one another
are special.  Your birthday is right by Easter and General Conference and I have this memory
of listening to general conference while everyone was napping and staring at your blue eyes

 You and your three cousins born within months.
this picture is youngest to oldest. baylie, emmajane, and brenna. 
linds, just noticed brenna is wearing dallas's bow with the big d on it...hehehhe
i think darby had it.

Baylie and Darby, partners in crime from the very beginning.  I miss taking walks in the neighborhoods....should have moved somewhere flatter!  there is something about mamas and babies...we are their first friends and such good memories before they start not to care what I say!!!!


RachelAA said...

Such a great post, Brooke!

brandon said...


Nancy Jo said...

Oh Baylie is sooo cute! She reminds me so much of you Brooke! Hope she had a terrific birthday!

Mindy said...

Awww! Someday you can print this for her and she'll just melt! Great post!

embot said...

I remember baby Baylie!!! so cute. she's awesome!!