Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ten Year Old!

Happy Birthday Luke.  Love you so much.  I think ten is going to be my favorite year already! 
Love watching you play football.  And if you can't brag about your oldest and only son on his birthday when can you?

Cause this boy who will grow up to be an amazing man one blessed.
His body, mind and spirit.  He is very lucky and while still struggles in certain things like we all do, he has been given an excellent life and I'm sure his spirit shines even brighter. 

We have eight years before you go on your mission.  Eight years to get you ready.  To be able to teach people about the gospel of Jesus Christ and serve and love your fellow mankind.  You will need to be able to cook and clean and use your head and survive wherever the Lord sends you.  And you will totally be ready. 

And yes I love watching you get those interceptions. 

Sometimes I wish I could go back and hold my little boy but thankfully the bigger version still lets me.

and yes I think this is proof you were born cool :)

Your sisters are lucky to have you and you better make sure they are. Because the older brother holds great power to tear down or build up.  Thanks for being in our family, totally picked the best one. 

This last picture is on your blessing day, you were one month old.  (and yes your hair fell out right after this and you were totally bald :)


Nancy Jo said...

AWESOME football pictures!! Happy Birthday Luke! You are the BEST! He was soo cute when he was little. And no, I am not prejudice at all. Great picture of your family of 3!!

Heather said...

Can't believe he's ten already. That cute baby is turning into a young man. Happy Birthday Luke!

brandon said...

so sad i missed it. luke is awesome. those pictures were so cool i almost thought it would be ok for him to play football against my wishes

Laura said...

Happy birthday Luke! I remember that cute little family with baby Luke when we moved into studio city ward. Time flies!

Courtney said...

So fun! Can't believe you have a ten year old?!! And can't believe he will graduate in eight years! Man, we only get them for a short time! Crazy how fast life flies! Miss you guys a ton!