Monday, March 11, 2013

Road trip

I did it. My first solo driving road trip. I ate an entire bag of blow pop lollipops and a can of sour cream and onion Pringles divided between the two trips. Baylie ate a whole can of pringles herself in one way. I drank as little as I possibly could since my bladder is pea sized and only stopped once each way.

Six and half hours to Arizona, check.
Witnessed my nieces baptism Vienna.
Baylie , Darby and paisley came with me .
Jason stayed with Luke who had a football game, football pictures and the kids parent teacher conferences.
Being apart is strange.
Love our families and an extra effort to be together is worth it.

But I'm missing one teeny part.
Paisley started puking two hours in our trip. Puked about five more times til we got there and had the runs. Wow that was sure a curve ball. She puked in the cup on the drive the whole time. The rest of the trip was full of lots more puke, fevers and runs :) she was miserable. It was like every hour.

We ate an golden corale and hung out with cousins. We picked the one rainy , cold weekend to be there but squeezed in some time at the ostrich festival!!

Finally Saturday night I asked my brother in laws to give her a blessing and it helped no barfs on the way home.
Visited my cute aunt Kathy and she let the girls pick six bags of fruit! And play wigt the turtles and raid her toys. An extra effort to see family is worth it.

Was fighting fatigue the whole way home but sang my lungs out to stay awake. We made it and glad we went. Life is an adventure!

It's 12:30 pm Monday and I'm still in my pjs, think it wore me out more than I thought.

Ya know that stretch from Los Angeles to Phoenix looks just like the terrestrial kingdom.

And I couldn't have done it without all the pep talks from Jason cheering me on.

Got out of my comfort zone yay, I think that's my belated New Years resolution, cause in the beginning of the week just thinking of it just terrified me. But I did it!

So glad we are back together again, not the same when we are separated.

Big week this week!!! Wahoo!!


Nancy Jo said...

Glad you made it home! Love all the pictures! Hope P hangs in there and no one else gets it!!

Beth said...

Good for you!!! But poor Paisley. :(

RachelAA said...

You rock! And I love the picture of the girls in the fruit tree. Umm hello, glad I'm not the only one with a pea sized bladder - I don't have a friend that doesn't make fun of me. Wahoo for the Priesthood!

Lindsey said...

Glad it was a great trip. Way to go!!! Can't believe P was so sick and it kept on coming. Hope you can recover for your BIRTHDAY on Wed!!!