Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy bday Courtney!

 Happy Birthday to my super funny, stylish and talented sister Courtney. 

and can we talk about this picture?  i can't even remember when your hair was this short?
you probably have the best hair stories of anyone.
in fact you probably have the best stories, super funny and best sense of humor

Looking at these old pictures reminded me when you came to the rescue after Luke was born and my body wasn't working.  And you sending me neat motherhood books from your BYU classes.
Remember when I used to send you birthday presents?  oh how sad, maybe another year
Thanks for sucking all the talent and good looks out of the family. 

We love Carl and your cute family! You are a wonderful mom and wahoo number four at 28! 
Miss ya, wished we lived closer. 
Roll Tide and eat some good bbq in Texas. 

Courtney is one of the toughest people I know.
In fact, as I prepare for my first roadtrip this weekend without Jason,
I have thought many times of all the crazy places Courtney has driven by herself
and it has inspired me to be brave too.


Beth said...

haha!!! i love that pic on the steps of our old apt. bldg! little luke.

Lindsey said...

Very cute pictures!!! Good luck on your road trip!!!

English Garden said...

Where are you off to? coming to UT?

Courtney said...

Thanks Brooke! That was so funny to see all my hair dos and a lot of don'ts. Good luck on your road trip! You can do it! Just think of it as a notch in the belt--like another thing you can do. And then next time it won't seem as daunting! Wish we lived closer too! xoxo