Monday, January 28, 2013


Remember when blogs had tags all the time?  Well apparently they are the rage on Instagram and so I'll post mine here too. 
Things you might not know about me but if you have known me long enough you will :) 
my sister in law Amanda tagged me and hers were so good and then I read my cousins Jessica and learned so much, shoot I'm starting think I don't know anyone at all!
1.  My kids think I'm a weirdo and I seriously considered teaching them all their colors wrong cause I thought it would be funny and I often dream over how I can torture and embarrass them when they are old (much like I did will definitely involve lots of honking from my car!)...which leaves me to my
2. My mom used to try to bribe the boys at church dances (like youth conference!) to ask me with a nickle.  What does that say about me?  And one time when I was 14 (who looked old for her age) I was asked to dance by this senior boy and when he found out how old I was just stopped dancing with me mid dance and just walked away...(yikes where are these coming from?)
3.  I also claim the prize for worst date ever growing up and if you ask me about it I will tell you, but it does involve me splitting my dress, a super ugly corsage, my date hitting the restaurant with his car and nun chucks
4.  I have rediscovered my love of pez candy.  why bother putting them in the container when you can just eat the whole thing? 
5.  Couldn't think of anything else until Jason reminded me of my odd scenario addiction...Like when I shot my eye with a nerf rocket when I was babysitting a bunch of kids at my house and scratched my cornea...That hurt.  ...which led me to remember when I went with Jackie to watch Ikona (holla!) at the House of Blues on Sunset blvd only to realize I'd forgotten my ticket in the car so we had to take this ride with 12 middle eastern valet men to retrieve the ticket only to realize at the booth that I'd bought the wrong ticket for the Anaheim House of Blues that played the night before but then ended up just pretending we were part of the band and got snuck in....stuff like that.  I'm like a magnet. 
6.  I could make a whole other other bonus one on all the places and times I've fainted (mall, doctors offices (many!), school, temple) or peed my pants ...but that is for another time :). 
Tag your it :)    Next time I might do them about Jason cause he has some funny ones too.


Alvhild Evans said...

Haha! Read this in class and seriously laughed out loud! Now im getting funny looks..

Rojahn Family said...

How funny, Brooke! You whacky woman!

embot said...

you look tiny!!! and yes, those are classic, classic stories!

RachelAA said...

You're fricken hilarious - I love em all. Oh and funny thing, I'm using pez candy as a reward for Cole in potty training. Please don't tell him they usually come in a cool case because we too are just eating them straight from the wraper.

RachelAA said...

And I too thought you look tiny!

Crazy Lady said...

of course i don't put the fat pictures of me ladies :) and i should have said paisley was the photographer, just found it on my camera roll :)

merdunning said...

Oh, how I love your worst date story! I had forgotten about it until reading that...and I laughed out loud! Remember that time I accidentally sent you on a date with that guy in Silverthorne? Ha ha!

Hillary said...

I want Paisley to be my photographer . . . or maybe you need to be my trainer. Anyways, you look awesome :)