Sunday, January 27, 2013

Baylie's Camera

 So we finally put batteries back in Baylie's camera she got last Christmas and downloaded the pictures.  Hot tip:  download them.  Darby had some videos saved of Ivy on her video camera that were like A YEAR OLD that were deleted by same baby and it was so sad.

plus the kids pictures are hilarious.  at least the 20 percent that aren't blurry or of the carpet. 

Enjoy!  Happy Sunday!  She had about 20 pictures of this baby Jesus on there. And I can't believe my kids were littler than they are now...why didn't anyone tell me? 

 hahah this one made me laugh :) 

 wow Jason's hair was so long!

 This was probably from our last time at Trader Joes.  A place I love but learned I can live without. 

pictures of Luke on Baylie's camera = zero.  will have to look at Darby's next. 


brandon said...

cute Baylie is your mini me

Nancy Jo said...

Great photographer! Loved the pictures! Fun to look at!