Sunday, December 16, 2012

Our house

The week before Christmas oh my. As much as I'd like to be glued to FB and the newspaper reading about the victims of the elementary school shooting who are the same age as my children... I am still a mom. Which means the house does not run without me and I cannot stay on the couch and cry. If they even hear a sniffle the kids will yell. MOM STOP CHECKING. Because life must go on amid the terrible. One comfort I have is that if I can feel the prayers of others for us these past months that means mine can be felt too. Prayer is real and tangible and the Savior can comfort.

So here is our life. Our lucky life with a mom that still yells and life is perfectly imperfect.

Special thanks to Tina who finally taught a 33 3/4 year old how to curl her hair. My girls and their future teenage years of dances thank you too.

this is what luke did in his yearbook of justin bieber


Heather said...

Love the pictures! The one of Jason and Bailey is soo sweet.

Lindsey said...

Your hair looks awesome!!! Love it all.

Nancy Jo said...

You will have to teach me how to curl hair : ) Your hair looks fabulous! Love Ivy's hair too! Funny Beiber picture. That is a BIG bag of leaves - did Darby fill it all?

brandon said...

Baylie looks cute especially with Jason